Sink & tap warranty

As the largest sink manufacturer in the UK, Leisure Sinks is confident that all its products are high quality and built to last, however we recognise the importance for all our customers to have that extra peace of mind, which is why we offer the following parts warranties on all our sink and tap products. 

10 years






If you experience and fault due to material or manufacturing defect with your new sink, we will replace the following from the date of purchase:

Stainless Steel - 10 years

Fire-Clay Ceramic - 10 years

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear occurring through use of the product, stainless steel through its lifetime will scratch and gradually form a matt finish which is not detrimental to the material. For the warranty to apply the owner must follow the 'Care and Cleaning' instructions provided with the sink. Accessories and waste fitting are not included in this warranty.



If you experience any defect in the materials or workmanship of your new tap within five years of purchase, we will replace all or any part of the tap that is defective (at our own discretion).

All working parts and valves have a 2 year warranty, and decorative surface finishes and O-rings have a one year warranty from date of purchase. This is provided that the tap has been used for normal domestic purposes in the UK and that the care, installation and maintenance instructions have been observed. The warranty extends to the original purchaser only.

Rangemaster are either WRAS approved or manufactured in accordance with recognised European standards. Please ensure that your kitchen tap is fitted in accordance with Local Water Byelaws.

We do not accept responsibility for problems that may occur through improper installation. Before installing the new tap it is essential that you thoroughly flush through the supply pipes in order to remove any remaining solder, swarf or impurities from your system. Failure to carry out this simple procedure could cause problems or damage to the workings of the tap and will invalidate the warranty.

You should retain a copy of your dated invoice as proof of purchase to validate any claims under these warranties.