Installation Options

Albion Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

The most popular installation choice, it requires a hole to be cut into your worktop so that the sink bowl can sit underneath the base of the kitchen unit and only the surface of the sink is visible when installed – creating a clean cut design. 

An inset kitchen sink is compatible with any choice of worktop material, however these types of sinks are a great accompaniment to laminate worktops as the pre-fitted seals included create the ultimate barrier against water ingress which could damage a laminate worktop over time if water were to seep through.

undermount sink

Choose an undermount sink for a sleek, modern and minimalist look. These sinks are installed on the underside of the work surface which extends the worktop area and offers a seamless finished look; increasing the worktop space available makes these sinks an ideal solution for compact kitchen spaces.

This type of sink needs to be paired with a waterproof worktop such as solid wood or granite. It’s the waterproof joints that connect the sink to the counter top and give it the streamlined look.