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Having celebrated 90 years of success, what next for Leisure Sinks? Well, we’re not going to sit on our laurels; we intend to use our heritage, experience and commitment to sustainability to continue pushing forward and cement our place as industry leaders.

With kitchen sink trends of the future set to become a more important design element within the home, we will have to adapt our product range accordingly. We anticipate a move towards warmer and moodier interiors, which lends itself towards richer, darker tones in both stone and metals. At the same time, sinks will remain statement pieces, often making their presence felt in the centre of modern kitchens, often as part of a seamless surface design.

Given the continuing appeal of industrial influence in the kitchen, it’s not surprising that granite sinks are a growing trend. To meet this demand, we have plans for a small but widely appealing range, delivering diverse and modern colour, alongside flexible and practical installation options. We don’t want to give too much away at this stage, but be prepared for a larger bowl with more room to accommodate large utensils, plus rounded corners with a strong yet reassuring personality.

Nova Granite Sink


In addition, later this year we’ll be launching classic ceramic sinks in a range of contemporary hues – allowing the end user to personalise the kitchen living space to their own tastes, while simultaneously providing a high contrast design feature. This new ceramic family will still have the same high quality for which we are renowned, but at a competitive price.

belfast sink


What’s more, we’ll be offering a modern twist to traditional favourites, with different finishes and levels of flexibility helping to create the ultimate statement pieces for any kitchen designs. This will be accompanied by a radical overhaul of our range of taps, which will be available in a greater range of finishes, with better functionality, improved sustainability and improved design excellence.

new taps leisure


We can’t wait to share more details about these exciting developments with all our customers. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements on how we aim to further meet the demands of today’s multifunctional kitchens!